As one of the biggest orchestras in the Netherlands, Residentie Orkest [also known as The Hague Philharmonic], does quite a lot of campaigning. Luring new audiences to come and listen to their amazing musicians.


For this particular campaign ‘Klassiek Beleef Je Live‘ I was asked to portray musicians as if on stage. Not actually playing, but that one special moment right before or after the show. Looking at and acknowledging the audience, full of joy, relieve or concentration. Glimmering eyes, you know what I mean.


Agency: Walvis Mosmans

Models: Timur Yakubov [alto viola ] / Justa de Jong [ cello ] / Jasper Gijpink [ clarinet ] / Iteke Wijbenga [alto viola] / Boris Giltburg [ piano ]

Hair and make-up: Tirzah Waasdorp

Violinist Iteke Wijbenga (outtake)
Boris Giltburg portret
Portrait of world-renowned Russian pianist Boris Giltburg (outtake)

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